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Group classes:

In Pilates the precise execution of each exercise is what makes it a very effective and safe workout. Mat classes are therefore in small groups, with a maximum of 7 participants. This ensures that everyone can benefit from personal attention. Modifications in the exercises are offered as is needed.

Level 1: a slow paced class focusing on the fundamentals. Suitable for beginners, for those who are recovering from injuries and anyone who wishes to brush up on their technique.

Level 2: Suitable for those with a substantial amount of experience with Pilates. The exercises are more complex and the class has more flow and a quicker pace.

Classes are generally taught in dutch. If there's a non-dutch speaker present we are just as happy to switch to english.

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A personal training session is dedicated to your individual needs, goals, health conditions and lifestyle.

We will begin with an evaluation session after which a personal programme will be developed. Lessons are 1 hour long.

We’ll be working on the mat and with several props as well as on the clinical reformer. On the Pilates apparatus, springs and gravity are used to guide movement. The resistance of the springs can assist or challenge movement. This makes it very suitable for the recovery of injuries and can aid in a healing process.